The Zgemma H2S has now been released!

The Zgemma Star S was one of the most popular freesat boxes over the last few years that allows you to receive saorview channels for absolutely free. Why is it free? Well saorview is the nation digital broadcast service in Ireland and it is funded by taxes and also your TV license fee. People often ask well how do I get TV for it illegal? The answer is absolutely not as you are paying your TV license which funds RTE TV and radio. In turn RTE then broadcast at a particular frequency which you can pick up with your aerial. RTE chose to use the aerial DVB-T2 rathe than the UK version which goes out on DVB-S2.

Zgemma box

All you need to get Saorview for absolutely free is a saorview box such as the Zgemma H2S and also an aerial. If you do not have an aerial then you can pick up an indoor aerial for under €30. The Zgemma H2S box is priced at €140.00 so for a total over €170 you can get free TV for life and it is 100% legal. A lot of people are moving to this system to cut their bills, especially since the recession. So if you are looking to get free TV then checkout the Zgemma H2S box.

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