What is the best Android TV Box service in Australia?

There is a huge range of streaming options from which to choose from when using your android TV box. Youtube, Netflix and Kodi are some of the bigger ones and for sure they all do different things but which is the best streaming service available on the android box? Many people mistakenly think that streaming automatically means getting your content for free and of course that is not the case but we also have to be realistic about which are the superior streaming services available both free and subscription.

android TV box

If you want a reliable streaming service for your android box then subscription based services have to be an option. There are very few free streaming services that will offer HD quality and also be reliable. Either way a subscription based service is still a lot cheaper than your cable TV subscription and all you need is an internet connection and your android TV box. It is also worth mentioning that the free services will also bombard you with adverts so that is something to keep in mind.

Netflix is very cheap at $10/month so I would automatically have this as part of my streaming plan. Other services include mobdro which offers live TV and whilst this is very good it can be unreliable and just as your team are scoring a goal the service can go down on you! Other paid options include the popular app Hulu and there is also many free add ons in Kodi but It is a bit of a grey area legally from what we can tell.

Using a VPN is a must whenever using a streaming service to give yourself from privacy even if you are using subscription based services. Retailers like androidtvaustralia offer original OTT android boxes with a 1 year warranty and this is recommended in case of any issues down the line. The T95Z android box runs an octa core processor which is one of the fastest android boxes available so this is worth taking a look at.




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